About Us

Dan Kohlman started Kohlman’s Machine & Welding Ltd. in 1979 and offered manufacturing and repair to the agriculture, oilfield and residential markets around Macklin, SK.

In 2000, Dan started a second business, Macklin Rollform Inc. and started manufacturing an all metal maintenance free fence product. Macklin Rollform Inc. concentrated on streamlining their manufacturing process, and getting the fence products to market through a network of distributors. They concentrated on tradeshows and eventually branded the fence product as Paragon Fence.

In 2012, Kohlman’s Machine & Welding Ltd. merged with Macklin Rollform Inc. and Iron Peak Industries Inc. was created.

Today we are largely a family owned and operated business and we focus on delivering quality products and services. We still continue to service the agriculture, oilfield, residential and commercial markets by offering repair and manufacture services via our machine and welding expertise. We manufacture and install our maintenance free Paragon fence products directly as well as through our distributor network, build custom flashing and trim pieces for the building industry, manufacture custom hand railings and gate entries, signage and much more.

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